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Do you miss Italian products, or are you planning to cook an Italian meal at home?

Come and visit Giuseppe’s delicatessen, above the restaurant, and find everything you need with the assurance of choosing the best quality, authentic ingredients.

Exact brands and packaging may vary from shipment to shipment, but you can be sure that Giuseppe certainly has what you need: Italian pasta, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, jars of home-made pasta sauces and other delicacies, delicious olives, Sicilian wines and liqueurs, spices, anchovies, cheeses and all kinds of other goodies you never imagined you’d be able to find in the Philippines.

Provided you’re a good cook, you’ll easily be able to make your family or friends a great Italian meal. But if you’re not convinced you have the needed magic touch, you can always simply invite your guests to the restaurant. That way, you spare yourself the trouble and you are sure of the result.

And you can always take out some Sicilian wines, spirits and other fare to savor afterwards at home. :-)

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